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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  September 23, 2012 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> good one. >> jamie: thank you. enjoy the chat. >> thanks very much. >> jamie: a fox news alert. just hours after an ultimatum is issued by the president of libya, militia groups have begun to disband, in the wake of the deadly protest in benghazi. pro-american demonstrators have lashed out at the armed militia groups, they say operate outside the confines of government. good morning to all of you, thanks for staying with us. this is a brand-new hour inside america's election headquarters. >> the new government demand comes after a spate of violence has erupted and believed to be carried out by militias in the area, including the attack on the u.s. consulate that killed ambassador stevens. we have more details here.
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gregg, what's the latest on the crackdown unfolding in libya? >> reporter: yeah. the u.s. government officials are pleased with what the libyan government is now finally say about this militias, as the militants are tied to a lot of troubles and possibly tied to the killing of u.s. ambassador chris stevens and three other americans nearly 2 weeks ago. we have been watching the public apinger and the violence out of the eastern libyan city of benghazi with compounds ransacked with the protesters and the militia members being killed. by tuesday, all of these armed gangs have to give up their weapons and leave the bases. one of the key targets, an
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scar-al-slarria. >> what role have they played in the murder of ambassador stevens. >> it's a positive thing, regarding the killing. it is street justice for the death of the americans. the public taking matters in their own hands because all the indications we are getting from the libyan government is that the probe into the killings is going very slowly, if it's going forward at all. one official today tells us that four people are under arrest. they told us the same thing a woke ago. they are not acknowledging progress. and the libyan president is off today to new york for the opening of u.n. general assembly, so any official prodding... [no audio]. >> i believe we lost the audio there from gregg. but he was reporting from tripply. >> jamie: we are learning more about the deadly u.s. consulate
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attack. we have a correspondent working on the sources on the emerging details and the status of the officials on the ground are taking a look. we go to washington right now. what is the latest? >> reporter: jamie, good morning. fox was first to report after the attack in benghazi, there is evidence suggesting insider help. this morning on the sunday talk shows, the head of the house intelligence committee saying the terrorists seem to know more than the consulates lay out. >> there is still some indication that they may have known the ambassador was there or in the area at the time of the attack. but 9/11 is probably more important to that equation than the ambassador. i do think it was wildly successful beyond their dreams to kill the american face in libya, our united states ambassador. did. >> reporter: there are reports that the libyan security forces methad -- melted away. one thing for sure is that the
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17th brigade was nowhere to be found and the americans were left on their own in the assault on the stevens compound. fox news is told that the evidence points to a joint operation between the al qaeda affiliate in north africa and ansar al-sharia. they are not afailiated with al qaeda, but they support the establishment of an islamic state. as for the catalyst, the head of the house intelligence committee saying there is no strong evidence that the amateurish video clip prompted the attack, adding in a meeting by the secretary of state and director of national intel jeps, the administration clung to that explanation. >> i think they doubled down and bought that they were boxed in a corner and they had to double down. >> it was confusing to me. i didn't understand why they chose to do that. i think they made a mistake by
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buying the advertisement in pakistan. the administration gave credibility to this video that certainly nobody in america had seen. and very few across the middle-east-- >> reporter: and the latest informs on the fbi is that they have been in libya for almost a week, but they have yet to reach the actual site of the attack in benghazi and it would be safe to say that nearly 2 weeks after that assault, that the crime scene, if you want to call it that, is contaminated for any future prosecution. >> jamie: i hadn't read that. that's very disturbing because they truly want to get answers. i am curious, though, whether or not we need the cooperation of other governments who must -- because they want to protect their people in libya and other countries -- do we need their cooperation to get real answers? >> reporter: well, i think we need the cooperation of governments outside of libya in the longer term, on a cum of fronts. one, if we have intel jeps that shows any kind of direction of
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this assault from outside of libya, and second, based on my reporting so far, i think we are definitely going to find that there were these so-called foreign fighters involved in this attack, people from algeria, tunisia and maybe as far as pakistan. so if the people are going to be prosecuted, we need the help of those countries as l. but i would argue that one of the questions is whether the government as it exists, would be willing to extradite these people to the united states because the justice department is pursuing criminal prosecution, at least at this time, jamie. >> jamie: very interesting. i was so curious about that. please, keep digging. >> eric: now to the race for the white house. this morning, both campaigns hitting the sunday talk shows, just days before the big debate. steve centanni has more details.
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good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the two candidates and their teams are planning strategy for the final push to election day. president obama has no campaign events today. but he appeared at two stops yesterday in wisconsin and he heads to new york tomorrow and tuesday and then to the key battleground state of ohio later in the week. a top obama campaign adviser continued to attack mitt romney over the leaked comments from a private fund-raiser. >> i thought the most devastating thing about this video, is not just the video itself, but the reaction from candidate romney, which is to say that he was inelegant in what he said. what's the elegant way of saying 47% of the people in this country are moochers who don't care enough about themselves and their place in life to take responsibility? >> mitt romney holds a campaign event in denver tonight, after spending most of the weekend in
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california. the next big challenge will be the presidential debate, californiaing up in more than a week. but in the meantime, g.o.p. officials are acknowledging, that last week probably wasn't the best of the campaign. >> i think we can look back at last week and say, this was the defining week in both campaigns, where i think, both campaigns are crystallizing around a central theme, which is going to be: what kind of future do we want for our kids and grandkids? >> next big showdown, the debate, october 3, university of denver will be first. >> there is no controversy a court ruling that controversial ads must be posted in the new york city subway system. we go to new york city with more details. >> reporter: hey there. during a volatile time for the united states, some people are
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concerned the controversial ads going up in 10 subway stations around new york city, may spark more unrest overseas or at home. they read, in any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man -- support israel, defeat jihad. muslim activist groups have called them hate speech. >> the timing of this in the subway is bad timing. the idea should be changed, not just the expression of anger and frustration. >> pamela gelar, who blocked construction of an islamic center near ground zero is moipd the ads. she says it was planned well before the middle-east violence erupted and emphasizes, she is not against all muslim, just extremism. >> the assassination of ambassador stevens was savagery, any war on the innocent
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civilians is savagery. tens of thousands of rockets going from gaza i southern israel, targeting schools and homes. the bus being blown up in bulgaria, jewish women and children on holiday, savagery. >> jamie: the metropolitan transportation authority tried to block the ads, but gelar sued and a judge agreed, citing the first ma'am and free speech. mta gave this statement. >> our hands are tied. the courts found the regulations on noncommercial ads violated the first amendment. the board may consider revisiting the regulations next week in executive session. the ads have run on buses in san francisco and gelar has filed suit in d.c., where officials have prevented them from running on the metro here. they will be here in new york for a month. >> jamie: a brand-new warning for all of you coupon clippers
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out there, if you see a coupon that sounds too good to be true, it may be. there is a lot of fraudulent stuff out there. in the consumer protection segment, how to save money without being defrauded. >> just days away from the first presidential debate, what the candidates are expected to say and what the voters want to hear. >> jamie: and the deadly attack in libya is a grim reminder of rant americanism and extremism that is thriving in the region. what about whether it's a wake wake-up call for america? where does al qaeda stand? what does the u.s. need to do? that's income.
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>> in brazil, a truck skids, breaking through a guard rail, you can see it there, dangling from a bridge. witnesses jumped into action to rescue the driver. it took nearly a half an hour, but they managed to get him out. the driver lost control when the car in front of him slammed on the brakes. the truck wasn't carrying any cargo when the accident happened. >> jamie: everybody's trying to save a buck when you go
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shopping, going to make a major purchase. it turns out that counterfeit coupons and gift cards are on the rise. lots of people buy and trade them online. it's hard to know whether or not you are getting a legitimate card or coupon or if it's a fraud. in today's take-charge consumer protection segment, i wanted to tell you how to keep the money in your wallet and keep yourself out of trouble. >> we never want to you lose on this show. bud miller is the executive director of the coupon information center. bud, a lot of people wouldn't imagine there is such a thing as a coupon information center. you are doing a public service because you are helping people spot fake coupeons. how big a problem is it? >> it's a multi-million-dollar problem, jamie. we deal with it on a daily basis. >> jamie: i understand that there are some tell-tale signs to look for, like blurry, you know, coupons, misprints or typos because cuffs take great care to make sure their coupons
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are crisp and perfect. or one is that you may be offered too much money off? >> that's correct. first of all, coupons are a face of the manufacturer's, directly in the consumer's hands. so they make sure that the graphics are superb and there are not typos in them. so if you see anything like that in a coupon, you should be very cautious about it -- >> jamie: can you get in trouble for using a fake coupon? >> yes, you can. there have been arrests at the point of sale. frankly, the people that are selling the counterfeits to other people also expose themselves to potential felony charges. >> jamie: what's in it for the person selling the coupons? in that case, they get a direct profit. but if someone's printing them and putting them out there and it's a bar code that works at the store, how does the person -- do the stores pay them money? >> no, the stores don't pay the
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counterfeiters money, of course. we found that some people, particularly with anonymous group, are rob know hood or attack corporations. it's almost economic terrorism at that point irk that's what they do, they print them and put them out there to hurt the companies, no financial gain, specifically. >> that's correct. we find that is often the situation. frankly, sometimes they did it for laughs. it's very unfortunate. they hurt the honest consumers out there. so we fight this literally 24 hours a day, seven days a week now. >> jamie: one of the things that really caught my attention about your organization is that at coupon information center dot-com, you list counterfeit and fraudulent coupons that are out there. these were companies and names of products that i recognize, ones we buy maybe every week in our grocery list. how do you find out about them? >> we find out from many
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sources, during the coupon processing, the retailers call us. various manufacturers and their representatives scan the internet 24/7 a day. that's a very aggressive effort to find these things, before they can cause damage. >> jamie: in this really challenges economy, bud, a lot of us need to look for that 15 cents off. it can make a huge difference in our personal bottom line. what is your advice to folk who is want to continue to coupon, but not get in trouble? >> the first thing is that eventually all coupons are perfectly legitimate. the one piece of advice that will protect virtually everyone is never pay money for coupons. it violates the terms of conditions of legitimate ones. we have never seen that turn out well for people. most large coupon sellers are either selling counterfeits or they are getting them through illicit means. >> jamie: stolen, even?
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>> that's correct. >> jamie: great information. go to coupon information center dot-com to see the fraudulent and fake coupons. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> jamie: nice to meet you. for more on how you can take charge on a number of consumer issues, go to, at the bottom of the main page, you will see america's news hq. click on that and you can see links to many segments. >> counterfeit coupeons. who knew? >> jamie: we need to know. >> keep clipping. >> looking ahead to the presidential debates, a week and-a-half out, what withk we expect to hear? and what should we be looking for? >> jamie: we continue to get new informs on the deadly attack in benghazi, libya. what it says about al qaeda, another angle. how active is the terror group? maybe more than you think.
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>> some of the stories making headlines at this hour, no relief for fire crews battling raining wildfires in central washington state. there were lightening storms in the forecast that threatened to ignite new fires and whip up those that are burning. tragedy in nepal, an avalanche hits a team of mountain climbers, many of the climbers from france and germany. >> we are talking politics. the first head-to-head test for president obama and governor romney is fast approaching. the first of the presidential debates. what can we expect to hear from the cappedidates? will they talk about the topics that americans most want to hear? here, former political director
8:26 am
under george w. bush and senator joe mansion. gentlemen, thank you for joining us. let's get to the point. what do you anticipate from the first, in a series of debates? do you expect political fireworks from the candidates? chris, we begin with you? >> well, here's the thing, i think is interesting about debates. everyone thinks they are about answering the questions and who comes up with a better policy response. but they are not. they are momes. who defines and wins the momes. if you are governor romney, you are going into this debate, you are behind in the key polls and behind in the national tracking polls, there is a lot of pressure to do well. he has to go in and be very aggressive. with the president, the problem that governor romney has, he is going to have to explain what he means by his policies. he hasn't been willing, for example, to give firm details or willing to explain what loopholes he would close. you can't refuse to answer the questions, that would be a
8:27 am
terrible moment for governor romney. but i imagine that romney will be very aggressive with the president and because the stakes for him are much, much higher. >> matt, as we understand, governor romney has been through a tough week, but he remains very optimistic about what he can do in the general election. might the debates give him the edge that he needs and is looking for? >> yeah, if you looking at the big moments from the primary to now. governor romney has really executed and done well, when it came to the convention speech, when it came to picking an excellent vice-presidential candidate, paul ryan. when it came to the debates in the primary, he was counted out over and over and over again. he performed l. i agree that it comes down to these moments but i think the stakes are high for both president obama and for governor romney. if you look at george w. bush, when he was in his re-election and first debate, he gave what many thought was a subpar
8:28 am
performance and it breathed life interest our opponent's campaign. so if obama looks glib or like he doesn't have a clear vision for what he wants in a success term, i think that would be really stubbing his toe. governor romney shouldn't focus on trying to really, you know, momum, he needs to put in a good, sturdy performance and keep the subject on jobs and the economy. obama has nothing to say in response to that. >> we both have talked about what the candidates are expected to say and what you think they should say, but what about the american voter? what will they be looking for from these two candidates as they discuss their policies during the debates? >> well, in the case of governor romney, he is the person they probably know the least. we have seen a lot of president obama over the course of the last four years. i think people are pretty set in their opinions of him. a i a lot of people think he is
8:29 am
a liberal. other people feel like he's a decent guy that maybe deserves another chance. in the case of governor romney, the more people get to know him, the better he's doing. if you look at him now, the polls that are coming out, besides the optimism from the other side, the polls look good -- >> but again, i know where you are going with this, matt and i prec that. but my point is the american people themselves have seen a weak economy, chris. they have seep a sluggish jobs recovery program going on. they are seeing foreign policy and questioning what is happening in the arab world. there is a lot of angst. so what do you believe the american people need to hear and what are they looking for out of the mouths of president obama and as well as governor mitt romney. >> elections, especially presidential elections are about tomorrow, the future. i think what they want from both candidates is: what is your plan of action? what is your vision of where you are going to lead the country and lay that out?
8:30 am
i think one of the most important aspects of this election, pollwise is which candidate stands up for the middle class? president obama has done very well with that question. you will see the president hammering again and again, his policies, his vision is better for the middle class and people like you. i think governor romney's fundammal weakness in fail nur this campaign has been, you know, this unwillingness to articulate a vision or set of policies that people buy into to make their lives better. i think he has a real problem with that. and governor romney's notion that he is another term of george bush -- >> let me get -- i understand what you are saying. let me allow matt to respond to that because obviously, the governor wants to make sure he's heard very clearly among the american people. >> if chris is right, the bar is low for governor romney.
8:31 am
because i think he has more meat on the policy bone than president obama. president obama is looking the american people in the eye and saying give me a mulligan. i am not going to change my policies, but maybe i can get it right this time. i think that's a very dangerous approach. >> you are talking about a mulligan, referring to golf. it depends on who is scoring a hole in one now. >> here's the important point. matt talks about the notion that the president obama is asking for a mulligan. that's not true. when you look at what the american people have been saying, they know that he inherited a terrible mess. they know that the 8 years of president bush was in office -- >> oh, please! that was 3 1/2 years ago. move on! you said it's about the future. >> republicans don't want to hear it but it's the truth. governor romney's problem is
8:32 am
when you propose the same policies that created the mess, you won't win independent and undecided voters. >> we have to go. i thank you for this. we could have gone on a little bit longer. talking about what is going to take place in the debates that begins in a few days, on october 3. >> jamie: quit a bit of reaction after a harvard professor's claim that she has a fourth century parchm she believes may prove that jesus had a wife. with her commentary on that issue, author, journalist and fox news contributor, liz trotta. >> some tales never seem to die, the water on mars stories. at least once in a year, someone in the scientific community, usual nesearch of a nobel prize, announces that water -- and therefore life -- have been discovered on mars. eventually, the story fades because it isn't true.
8:33 am
perhaps the mars cureiosity rover, scanning the planet, each as we comment, will settle the matter, one day, once and for all. the recurring tale that jesus of nazareth had a wife is another water on mars story that pops up every few years. this time, the advocate is a feminist academic from the harvard divinity school, known for her celebration of gender studies, and books such as women and goddess traditions, and the gospel of mary of magdella and other what one might call adventures in scholastic chicklets. she is advancing the theory that there was a mrs. jesus christ on the fragment of a wallet, written in the fourth century, she claims. it's a copy of a greek document, written in the second century. it bears the words, quote, jesus
8:34 am
said to them, my wife... although it doesn't prove jesus was married, it is evidence that people were arguing about this in the second century. many scholars have been taken aback, since it's no secret that scores of cults argued about the tenets of christianity at that time. but nowhere -- and she does admit this -- does it say that jesus had a wife. miss king, fittingly announced the discovery in rome last week to headlines around the world. the new york times ran the story on page worch, until a wide range of scholars and experts cried foul. that story played on page 14. wolf peter funk, an authorityive linguist at la val university in quebec said, question quote,
8:35 am
there are thousands of scraps of crazy things, a potent possibility since in her presentation, miss king theorizes that the mystery scrapof papyrus could have come from an ancient garbage heap. in any case, she calls it the gospel of jesus' wife. there are so many questions about the now famous fragm, the name of the owner who showed it to the professor. she will not reveal that name. then there is the providence of the document, from which it was torn, the circumstances and data data -- date of its discovery. the identity of the author. she claims preliminary tests have been performed by expert who is studied the texts, but discloses that the ink has not been tested. the da vinci code possibilities are endless, a movie, a book, a scratch of paper worth more than harvard's endowment. ever keen for media play and
8:36 am
symbolism and spurred by the thrill of dover, the professor marked her target clearly, mainly, the catholic church and its traditional teachings of priestly celibacy and an all-map male clergy. instead wno evidence, she grasps her scrapof paper onto the dubious cannon of feminist theology and ideology, which she embodies. no one is shouting hoax or you lie from the ivory towers, nevertheless, there is a smoldering suspicion that professors like miss king have become so carried away of their notions of marriage, sex and the family, that history and rigorous scholarship have been all but abandoned in places like harvear. one last note, the harvard theological review is suspending publication of professor king's findings, pending the results of further study. >> world leaders are gathering
8:37 am
for the annual u.n. meeting, as all eyesor iran's president and his upcoming speech. what should we expect? dan gillerman is here in minutes. bob... oh, hey alex. just picking up some, brochures, posters copies of my acceptance speech. great! it's always good to have a backup plan, in case i get hit by a meteor. wow, your hair looks great. didn't realize they did photoshop here. hey, good call on those mugs. can't let 'em see what you're drinking. you know, i'm glad
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for nutrition, home care, and beauty, backed with a 180-day satisfaction guarantee. amway conveys quality. learn more from your amway independent business owner. >> world leaders are gathering for the annual united nations general assembly meg in new york. it comes at a very critical time, as tension grows over iran's nuclear program. and that puts the spotlight on two key men in the center of this crisis. iranian president ahmadinejad and israeli prime minister netanyahu. but as some fear a moment of truth is fast approaching over iran's nuclear program, the relationship between president obama and the israeli leader is also very pivotal. so far, the white house has not scheduled a meeting with mr. netanyahu.
8:42 am
should one happen? joining me to discuss this and more, dan gillerman, former israeli ambassador to the u.n. and a fox news contributor. i want to get to the question, the united states has stopped 20 iran officials from attending the u.n. general assembly, at the same time iranian president ahmadinejad, who has been a regular, will give his final speech on wednesday. what concerns do you have over what might be said during this that speech before the u.n. general assembly? >> well, first of all, i salute the american decision to bar 20 members of the iranian delegation from entering the united states. but i think the one person who really should be barred from entering the united states or any civilized country for that matter, is president ahmadinejad. this is a person who publicly calls for wiping another member
8:43 am
of the u.n. off the face of the map, who openly supports terror all over the world any and whose hans are filled with the blood of innocents, including hundreds or thousands of americans. this man should never be allowed to enter the united states and get the u.n. general assembly as a stage for his incitement and diatribes. i remember when mayor giuliani barred yasser arafat from entering new york and he had to spend time in the u.n. clinic. i think that yod gawd belongs in an asylum and not a clinic. i think all we expect from him is turning the u.n. into a circus and to a stage for incitement towards israel, towards the west, towards the united states. i think that this is something which neither the u.n. should allow and the u.s. should not be
8:44 am
-- >> ambassador, i understand your point. to the larger question here, what about israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and president barack obama? do you expect or anticipate a meeting between these two leaders at all this week? >> i hope very much that the meeting will take place. i know that there are problems. i know that so far, a meeting has not been scheduled. but i think a meeting at this very crucial moment in time in this very volatile neighborhood with the iranian nuclear threat looming ahead would be a very crucial meeting between those who leaders which would allow them to look each other in the eye and tell each other the truth and really get down to what this is all about -- >> not to interrupt you -- yes, sir. i know we are on a delay here. but what's at stake, if president obama and israeli
8:45 am
prime minister netanyahu do not meet this week? what does that say about the obama administration's policy towards israel, if that meeting should not occur? >> well, i think a lot of is at stake because i think this could be one of the most crucial meetings between an israeli prime minister and an american president. i think they have a lot to tell each other at this very, very crucial moment. if it does want happen, i think it may be one of the very few times when an israeli leader comes to the united states and does not meet the president of the united states. the message would be a very negative one, not only to isexrail its friends, to you about america's allies and enemies. and i think that by making the rift between the u.s. and israel so public, a space is created through which our enemies and the u.s.' enemies are entering and manipulating. i think this would create a very
8:46 am
awkward and dangerous situation. i do hope that common sense will prevail and the two will meet. >> we will leave it there with the former israeli ambassador to the u.n. we thank you very much, sir, for joining us today. >> jamie: we have lots of new numbers out this past week. they're painting not such a pretty picture of the economy. the big disappointment could be consumer spending. brenda buttner, anchor of bulls & bears, great it see you. >> great to see you. >> jamie: are we spending? >> well, we're. but the headlines are deceiving. we expect the consumer spending out. you have been watching your wallets. but consumers expected to be up half a percent. but most of that in august was spent on gasoline because gasoline prices spiked. so it is not clear at all that
8:47 am
you are going out and really hitting the malls and doing the kind of spending that is going to jump-start the recovery, which is really what we need. so a lot of focus on you. however, also some reports on home prices and home sales. those are expected to be good. sales are jumping up, prices, off the bottom a bit. that could make you feel a little bit wealthier, that could help in terms of spending. and the stock mark took a breather. the bulls took a breather after they had been running hard. but the s&p 500, probably in your 401(k) is up 16%. >> jamie: we will take it. earnings season coming up what do you expect? >> earnings have not been great. year over year, earnings are expected to be down 2.2%. that's not good. we are in a recovery. we are -- although it may feel like a recession, technically, it is a recovery. when you see earnings going down
8:48 am
for corporations, that means they are not spending and hiring. and there is lots of uncertainty. that's really quite troubling, part of the picture of the economy. >> jamie: brenda buttner, great roundup. thank you: fox news is learning new details on the deadly attack on theus consulate in libya. there is new evidence that al qaeda may have planned the attack or been involved. is this a wake-up call for the west? retired four-star general jack kean weighs in live, next. it's hard to see opportunity in today's challenging environment. unless you have the right perspective. bny mellon wealth management has the vision and experience to look beyond the obvious. we'll uncover opportunities, find hidden risk, and make success a reality. bny mellon wealth management
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>> jamie: welcome back. new intelligence obtained by fox news, now showing the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya last week appears to be orchestrated by an al qaeda affiliate in north africa. is this a wake-up call in the u.s.? jack kean is a fox news military analyst. general, thanks for joining us. >> good to be here, jamie. >> jamie: how many times have we talked to say al qaeda, we have made a huge dept, there are less than 100 left in afghanistan? can we really account for all the branches of al qaeda in the world? particularly those who might be involved here?
8:53 am
>> well, i think what we have had against al qaeda, we have enjoyed some real success. when they attackeddous 9/11, they had global reach. we went after them with a vengeance, starting in afghanistan and drove them out of there and into the north western region of pakistan, where we have been attacking them relentlessly over the years and taking down much of their leadership, rob them of their financial support from other places in the world. and what they have been able to do because they are a resilient organization, the last 3 to 4 years, they expanded significantly in yemen. we followed them this with special operations and clandestine operations. and now the harsh reality tappears, final evidence will prove the case, that we are going to have to fight al qaeda in northern africa. that's what we are talking about here. >> jamie: what does that mean for military strategy, going forward? >> we will have tough choices. we won't be able to depend on the libyan security forces to
8:54 am
deal with an al qaeda organization or its branches and affiliations in northern afcatch the we will have to put intelligence people on the ground to understand what has taken place and use drones. we may start off with ships outside of libbia. but at in point, if we are going to make a dent here against these forces, we have to put operations on the ground in libya. that means clandestine bases for special ops and special intelligence as they are doing in yemen and as they are doing against the al qaeda in pakistan, from our bases in afghanistan. >> jamie: general, there is some belief that a former guantanamo detainee may be involved. we know historically, many that have been released and sent to their home countries or other places have gotten involved in terrorism again. what about the white house policy on gitmo, going forward? what are your thoughts. >> keep them under lock and key
8:55 am
and don't release them until the conflict is over. i thought it's been a misguided rolls to people who we know who were al qaeda members and terrorists and have killed us and put them back into their country, depending on their host country government, to provide prisons and detainment and remove us from that scene. i have never agreed with. it i understand it was pressure on us to push people out of guantanamo. i think we gave into that pressure, too easily. >> jamie: understood. vi30 seconds left. what's going on, all the unrest -- helping to recruit new al qaeda members? >> well, absolutely. i mean, we have been pulling away from the region, jamie. i know we have been talking about it on the show for the last week or so. the al qaeda sense that. the united states is disengaging. they're filling in that vacuum. it is a harsh reality.
8:56 am
it's happened before. in other areas, with other issue, it is happening right now. that's a mistake. >> jamie: general jack kean, thank you so much. >> good seeing you. >> jamie: always is. >> governor mitt romney hitting the trail in a big way, making the first of several campaign stops in what advisers are calling, quote, an intense battleground state schedule. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. your soups are so awesomely delicious my husband and i can't stop eating 'em! what's...that... on your head? can curlers! tomato basil, potato with bacon... we've got a lot of empty cans. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. exclusive to the military,
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